Grand Slam!

March 21, 2019 at 12:00 am

We don’t need to tell you why spirits have been through the roof here in Cardiff over the last few days. We’d like to be somewhat judgemental of the people who have been celebrating non stop since the weekend, but unfortunately we can’t because we’re very much one of them! 


Since our stunning victory over Ireland, all of Wales has been alight with celebrations and parties, with dedicated fans getting all of the pent up excitement out of their systems. Part of the reason for the extended and jubilant festivities is that not only did we win the Six Nations, but it was a Grand Slam victory. This means that we didn’t just win - we absolutely dominated! Though some games were tougher than others (it all looked over in the first half against England!), we always came through in the end. We looked our problems in the eye and smashed them down. Often literally.


This weekend’s celebrations have been ongoing well into the week, with most people in Wales taking part in one way or another. The parties were very popular, but so was the notion of celebrating at home. Many of our young ladies, being sports fans, found themselves at parties or at least enjoying a bottle of wine (or three!) at home. Fortunately this is yet to interfere with their work since they’ve been doing most of their celebrating with our clients! It’s great when two things go well together, and since the results of the final match we’ve certainly experienced an incredible synergy between ecstatic escort and excited clientele.


If you’re still in the mood to celebrate our stunning Grand Slam victory, our escorts are ready whenever you are! Whether your idea of fun is a sports bar full of fellow fans, a dinner date out to discuss results or some personal time at a hotel or apartment where you can relax after several weeks of nervous excitement - we can accommodate almost any interest. Our girls are as varied as they are beautiful so your perfect match is a mere phone call away.


Give us a quick call on 02920 538 774 to see how we can make this event one to remember for even more good reasons than you currently do. The Welsh rugby lads have done nothing but score for the whole tournament, so maybe you should do some scoring too? Yes, we went there!